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We are committed to you and your projects and take that commitment seriously. Anything you need, we will be there to do it even after a project has wrapped up.


For us, it’s not just a job - it’s a mission. 

We are here to help companies improve the world by working faster and more securely with blockchain technologies.


Our developers are well-educated, experienced coders who have seen a thing or two. This means we are prepared when a potential problem does arise, and we have the knowledge and skills to fix it.

What is Blockchain?

“The old question 'Is it in the database?' will be replaced by 'Is it on the blockchain?'”

William Mougayar

Blockchain is a secure encrypted decentralized public or private ledger system that cannot be changed; new information can only be appended.

It’s benefits include:

-Transparency: The technology is open source. This means there are many many people watching the data, so if the data is disturbed it is likely to be noticed (you can think of this as a very large virtual neighborhood watch group). This makes blockchain very secure.

-Decentralized: Blockchain is a network with no central hub. This means if a piece of the network were to be compromised the rest of the network would not be affected. It also means there is no central hub for verifying transactions but rather many nodes within the network that must give approval for a transaction. Both of these features further add to the security of blockchain.

-No middleman: Transactions are peer-to-peer or business-to-business which eliminates the need for a middleman. This makes transactions less costly and more efficient.

-Fast: Blockchain runs 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. This means transactions can be completed in a matter of minutes rather than days.

-User controlled: Blockchain gives users control over their own information and transactions. This gives users a voice and allows them to call to shots.

Services We Provide

Smart Contracts Smart contracts are self-executing agreements between two or more parties. The contracts are "smart" in that they digitally facilitate, verify and enforce the contract without the need for a physical third party. The agreements are outlined and carried out by lines of code that are stored in a blockchain network. Smart contracts allow for transactions to be carried out virtually between two parties without the need for a central authority or legal system which reduces the overhead and cost associated with traditional contracts. Since transactions are stored in a blockchain they are transparent, irreversible, easily traceable, and resistant to fraud and censorship. 

Web 3.0 is the next fundamental change in how websites are created and how we interact with them. It involves using context (gained from smart devices and artificial intelligence) to determine what a user wants or needs from the web. Here is an example: say I want to learn about willow trees so I search for the key word willow. In Web 2.0 this brings up the most popular results related to this word which in this case are websites about the 1988 movie "Willow." Web 3.0, however, will act as a virtual assistant and will know the context of my search and will return information on the willow tree. This allows companies to be more intuitive with their clients which enhances their marketing and sales while reducing the overall cost for these operations. 

Private Blockchain A private blockchain limits who is allowed to participate in the network and what transactions they can participate in. This person has to be invited into the network and once they join they play a role in maintaining the decentralized blockchain. These networks are often smaller so they can handle more transactions, they protect customer and patient privacy by controlling who has access to what information and they are more secure since the entities involved are all approved by the business that set it up. 

Public Blockchain A public blockchain is completely open source and anyone can join and participate in the network. It offers minimal privacy, can be large and bulky depending on the number of nodes storing information, and is less secure than a private blockchain. 

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Development is a way to crowdfund your business using cryptocurrencies in the form of tokens. Tokens are sold to investors in exhange for money of other cryptocurrencies. As a project proceeds and grows in value the tokens increase in value (much like a stock). The investor can cash out as and when they want. 

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) BaaS describes the process of someone else setting up a blockchain technology for you and then managing it. This allows companies to quickly adopt blockchain technology without the need to hire large departments to code and run the back end of the blockchain. 

Programming Languages we are experts in: 

 C, Java, Python, Solidity


Yuhui Svendsen (CEO)  

Yuhui has a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and a BA in Computer Engineering. She oversees our sales department and uses her 15+ years of software development experience at Fidelity Investments to run our programming department. 

Jennifer Svendsen (COO)  

Jennifer has a PhD from Harvard University in Medical Sciences. She uses her 20+ years of project management experience to run our operations department. 

Jen Zhang (Head of Software Development)  

Jen has a Master's in Computer Engineering. She has over 17 years of software R&D, design, and implementation experience. Her expertise in cloud computing, mobile internet, information security, big data, and blockchain technology is instrumental to our company. She heads a team of 15  blockchain developers.

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